$ P E C I A L $

We have decided to add something new to our web sites. We started with an auction at the end of each month, but we believe that a more acceptable way to get people to keep coming back to our web sites is to offer them a product that they want and need, at an attractive price that they can afford and will provide them with tremendous value. Here is our red tag special for this month.

This is a rare opportunity! We have 5,000 of these little baby M3x6 pan head machine screws in stock. They are stainless steel and they are Phillips drive. These screws are on a first come, first served basis and when we run out the price will be back to normal. We can make immediate delivery and they are discounted to sell. At this red tag sale you can purchase these screws for $8.00 per hundred.

Just call us on our toll free number 1-877-838-3575 to place your order. Watch this site every month for a new monthly special. Also watch our other web sites for their monthly specials.

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